Health Department: Avoid Swimming Near Suspected Blue-green Algae Bloom In Owasco Lake Near Emerson Park

Health officials: Ebola in Hawaii unlikely, but state is ready | KHON2

Do not let your pet drink water experiencing blue-green algae blooms. People are encouraged to call the Environmental Health Division at (315) 253-1405 if they suspect a blue-green algae bloom. Learn more To view images of blue-green algae blooms, go to The Cayuga County Health Department issued a statement Friday notifying residents of the likely presence of toxic blue-green algae blooms in the northern part of Owasco Lake. Swimming, bathing and washing dishes using affected water is not advised. Collected samples will be analyzed by the state Department of Health, Director of Environmental Health Eileen O’Connor said in a statement.

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Ebola patients released from hospital The deadly Ebola outbreak has great post to read alex simring now claimed nearly 1,500 lives. The virus has been mainly contained to West Africa. Officials say the risk of Ebola spreading to the U.S. is low, but what would happen if it ever reached Hawaii? The risk of someone coming to Hawaii with Ebola is very, very small, said Deputy State Epidemiologist Melissa Viray. Unless youre travelling to one of those endemic areas that are experiencing outbreaks currently the risk should be very low, said Dr. Erlaine Bello, infectious disease specialist with Queens Medical Center. But KHON2 still wanted to know if Hawaii would be ready, just in case. I think Hawaii, both local hospitals and the Department of Health, have a good relationship with the CDC and I think we have the resources as well as the expertise to manage a case of Ebola, said Bello.
Health officials: Ebola in Hawaii unlikely, but state is ready | KHON2

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